A game for LD41!

Theme: Pair two incompatible genres. In this case, romance and abuse.

Tsun Tsun Button Mash is a clicker game in which you tap the screen to make money for your designated waifu. Unlock locations and new outfits to see different sides of your waifu.

Click on the screen to generate Waifu Bucks(TM)

We are a three person dev-team making NSFW games for your pleasure! We ran a bit short on time because of other obligations, so we got a friend to help out a bit for the jam. If you like this game, you can check out our main project, Infernus, which started as a game for LD40.


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You can spam all of the abilities at the start to get the 10k instantly, but I've done it with only the click upgrades before - it's just a lil workout :>

you can I'm pretty sure