Welcome to the Hidden Clam, a premiere brothel where men go to sate their carnal appetites! There's only one problem-- you have too many harlots! The Hidden Clam is running out of space! Train your girls and match them with men who'll buy out their contracts to make room for the flood of new hires. 

This is a project for LD 42, theme: running out of space. Our artist injured their arm just before the jam, so it is a text-based game. 


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Suffers with a dominate strategy issue.  Fastest way to sell girls is just to continue giving them to the same guy once you find one that likes them.  Makes it so you don't need to look or match up stats at all.


Game is, uhhh.. It's okay. The looks are good. The women wishing to join the brothel, but there's no space is a mystery. I might be missing something but there's no way of freeing up space for other girls.


most shameless ridicoulus game ever created....please leave this shit from this site....


This is really fun, and it's a neat concept! However, it has a couple minor issues. I know they probably won't get fixed at this point, and that's fine. The issues are the unnecessary exit game button that's easy to accidentally press, and that there isn't an easy way to tell if a person has already been paired up (their name could have been greyed out, for instance), but clicking on them unpairs them, so it's easy to screw up what you were working on. Anyway, I've been playing my way through everything Team Infernus has made and I'm becoming a big fan.


I'd like the option to sell/fire my girls. I'm incredibly unhappy with a couple of them, and then I get a woman who wants to work but I have no space? If the option is there, I can't find it. 


You have to get a girl to max relationship to sell her. The theme of the gamejam was running out of space, so we wanted to make it challenging to manage your roster.


Oh, okay, that makes sense!


i thought this would be more visual than text but its a good game. if you need erotica writers for more steamy and diverse encounters. just message me i can do some writing for you if u plan to develop the game further if not it still made me pretty hard so i guess its a great game!!!


Glad you enjoyed it, we'll keep you in mind!