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NOTE: Had some gamebreaking bugs that we didn't have a chance to fix during the jam period. For fairness we left this build up as the 'old' build, but it's pretty unplayable. If you're looking to actually play the game, use the new build.

You're a hot young lady trying to make it as a camgirl. Learn new skills, buy toys, and pleasure yourself on camera to please your viewers. Give private shows or take viewers exclusive to charge them a premium. Build your profile and your viewership and you'll rake in cash.

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Click actions in the Stream window to entertain your viewers, who'll talk to you in the chat. Buy items online and watch UTube videos to learn new skills. You can gain more viewers by adding tags to your profile page. Viewers can have you do private shows, where you can really let loose and earn some cash, or you can even take a viewer to a one-on-one exclusive show .

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorTeam Infernus
Made withUnity
Tagsadult, Erotic, nsfw
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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CamLife_Win.zip 22 MB
CamLife_Mac.zip 24 MB
CamLife_Linux.zip 37 MB
CamLife_Win(old).zip 18 MB
CamLife_Mac(old).zip 20 MB
CamLife_Linux(old).zip 33 MB


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Reminds me of the prev game except it's monotonous in one playthrough instead of many failed ones. Good assets and concept but kinda ruined by questionable pacing choices.

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interesting idea. It' be great to add more features


Slow, repetitive, and not very sexy.  Probably a pretty accurate simulation of being a cam girl.

Is this game still getting updated?


Not currently. We don't want to split our attention between too many projects right now, but we might consider an update if we ever have a spare weekend, or a convenient game jam

How do you do one on one shows?

The one on one exclusive chat feature is currently bugged so you can't trigger it


I can't figure out how to do a private stream, are you supposed to be able to click on the names in DMs or am I just stupid?

It automatically triggers if you've been active enough on that day

i keep getting 2 dm's im active as can be and nothing. i cant click them or anything, what do i do


Any word on those "gamebreaking bugs"?

Turns out the game was more broken than we thought so we decided to take the time to fix the game more thoroughly. We left the old build up because we made some pretty significant changes but you can now try the new build if you want to see how the game actually plays.