Action combat in Infernus?

Early in development we decided to make the game turn based because it was faster to create for the game jam that we started this project for. We had also considered making the game based around action combat and now that we're hoping to transition this from a jam game to a full project we are revisiting that decision. Come to our Discord and let us know what you think about action vs turn based!

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I prefer turn-based, but action has possibilities. Would you have to start from scratch?

We don't have to start from scratch; we changed the movement system and gave the enemy better movement code so the combat feels better. The turn based version will also be getting these improvements added (so no more enemies running through walls plus some other stuff)


For some reason I had it in my head that you were going to make it similar to old school Zelda. So what you're going for is how you enter encounter's staying the same, it'll just be action based when you enter the battle.

Here's a thought- how about making it a bit similar to a fighting game? Blocking, parrying and whatnot. Think Soul Caliber.

Guess it depends on how far you want to go,


Your first thought was correct - it's old school Zelda top down style in the same overworld. Sorry I didn't make that clear