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is it possible to become a being of both genders in this game? just curious.

After interacting with two people, I'll get stuck unable to click dialogue options at the third interaction

the game dosent work for me !! 

Is your CPU 32 or 64 bit?


I'd also like to see this game get more development. I've encountered similar bugs of getting stuck in conversations. Looking forward to seeing how it goes.


This might have potential to be a decent experience in the future but no where near enough to recommend as it is now (0.0.13)
i'd like this to stay in development,interested in seeing much more from this.

various glitches/issues of course
-being able to walk outside the boundary's of the park
-getting stuck in a  conversation where events are not added yet and there is no goodbye.
-being able to drag and drop your weapon and it disappears

Thanks for letting us know, sometimes we miss some of these bugs


the animations seem a bit... oofy? XD

You just missed our poll on the topic:

The post has an example of the new animation style we are switching to

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Hi, I was just wondering if I can do anything other than talk to the nerd and collect energy yet? Edit: btw, I know the game is currently in progress and do not want to rush you... just wanted to know what I could do so far. Thanks!

That's all for now, next patch we will be fleshing out the systems a bit more. New version's coming at the start of the month so you're in luck

From ground up? I see nothing stands out, but from the description: it will be worth it. Wonder what I can use the 'energy point' for and not to mention the plot. In addition, I can literally snipe my target, and the agro of reaction of target works well. Whatever next of your plan, I will check out.


We need more animations:3

More animations are high on our priority list and are coming after we get some more gameplay features in


So the new version does not have any Combat? I can only make a character and wander around a room. I really like the new version but I am just wondering if there is any more to this new version.

Glad you like it so far! The new version is still very early in development, with only character creation and walking around a room so far. We hope to have combat for you in the August update.


The discord invite is invalid or expired.


Just fixed the link - looks like the old invite code got deleted somehow. Sorry about that!


No problem. Thanks a lot for the very quick reply. :)

the window link in not working

What issue are you having with the Windows version? Also, a new version has been uploaded and everything seems fine

it tells me it cant play cause there may be a virus

It's going to say that for a lot of indie games since the antivirus doesn't recognize the file. You can temporarily disable it or allow the file if you are comfortable doing that

Deleted post

We appreciate the offer but are not looking to add any sound designers right now, but wish you good luck with your work!

Deleted post

Found a Strange Bug in Linux Build. Saved a few times then the Game crashed at the end my save was gone.

That's a strange one, remember anything weird that could have caused it - like saving a bunch of times in a row or did it just pop up out of nowhere? While we're working on figuring it out, you can tell me what stuff you had and I can send you a save file so you can get it back.

Well I made the Skeletoon Key and I went in the room. Had some fights with some enemies safed had another fight and then the game froze crashed and my safe file went poof.


Lmao, I'm a simple girl, I loved this xD I think I explored all the content, are the monsters in the game screenshots avaliable in this build?


Consider the screenshots a sneak preview - we're taking care of some bugfixes in the new build. Hopefully it will be out and ready by the end of the day!


o0o I'll keep my eyes peeled for an update then ^^ 

The new build's finally live! We ran into more bugs than we thought and took the opportunity to add some more content while we were at it.